Writers Style Guide

The Colorado State University Writers Style Guide supplements The Associated Press Stylebook and addresses editorial questions specific to the University.

Download the Writers Style Guide (pdf)

Who should use the style guide?

This guide is intended to facilitate consistency in written communications geared to the general public and is not intended for students or faculty members writing academic papers. Communications targeted to scientific, technical, or specific audiences or for the Web may require a different style.

How is the style guide formatted?

The guide is presented as a topical, A-Z list, with navigation listed below.

What other references are available?

In addition to The Associated Press Stylebook (hereafter called the AP Stylebook), Colorado State communications specialists also consult other sources, including:

  • The Gregg Reference Manual: A Manual of Style, Grammar, Usage, and Formatting
  • Webster's New World College Dictionary
  • Colorado State University Communications Toolbox (communications and graphic standards specific to the University)
  • Additional references and links

Will the guide be updated?

Written communication is dynamic and continually evolving; therefore, this guide is subject to periodic updating. Revised versions of the Colorado State University Writers Style Guide will be announced on this website and via electronic media including Today@Colorado State and the Faculty & Staff website.

Who can help with style editing?

Contact Communications and Creative Services with questions and comments or for information about style editing services.

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